Principal's Message

Mr. Adrian Geller


Welcome to Margaret Manson
Elementary School!

If you are looking for a school where students are both nurtured and challenged, then you’ve found it!

At Margaret Manson, we pride ourselves in putting our student’s well-being; academically, socially and emotionally as our collective mission. All members of this community, parents and staff alike, work together, to achieve this goal each and every day.

The results are quite compelling.

Our academic results speak loudly about how all our students thrive at Margaret Manson. For example, results on standardized exams are consistently higher than the board average in all subject areas. Teachers effectively use innovative instructional strategies along with powerful technologies to move our students to higher levels of understanding and achievement. I invite you to see our results in detail in the Annual Report.

Coupled with our highly successful academic program is the fact that we put a great deal of time and energy into making Margaret Manson a peaceful place for students to grow. We teach and model the values of honesty, kindness and compassion. Disciplinary matters are rare, but when they do arise they are dealt with promptly and firmly, in accordance with our comprehensive Code of Conduct.

Should you wish any more information about Margaret Manson Elementary, then please give us a call or drop by the school. We would be delighted to meet you! 

Adrian Geller





18750 Elkas Boulevard
Kirkland, Québec  H9J 4C1