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Meeting Dates

November 16
January 19
(rescheduled from Jan 18)
February 15
April 5
May 10
June 7




Dear parents, teachers, staff and students,

Welcome back to all returning Margaret Manson (MMES) students, teachers and families and a warm welcome to new families joining our school community for the first time.

Every September, an Annual General Assembly (AGA) is held at the school, immediately following curriculum night. This year during the AGA, parents voted on the following items:

  • Elected parent representatives for the 2-year term positions on Governing Board (GB).

  • Selected LBPSB Region Parents’ Committee and Alternate Parent representatives.

  • The GB Annual Report was presented.

The Governing Board brings together parents and school staff who work in partnership towards a primary goal of making decisions that benefit our Margaret Manson students. The GB meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending the GB meetings, please visit the school’s calendar for future dates and times. To learn more about our school’s GB you can view a summary of responsibilities on our school website and more information can be found by visiting the LBPSB website at

If you have any questions, please come see one of our members or email the Governing Board at: 

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings.


Governing Board Members 2020-2021

Parent Representatives

Staff Representatives

Shaun Amaral

Jutta Bouchard

Nadia Iacino

Melina Catalano

Mark Michel

Lucia Ferracane

Anthony Morello

Catherine Guillemette

Karen Sauvé

Annie Hebert

Community Representative

Stephen Bouchard

Stephanie Hérault

Parent Substitutes

Staff Substitutes

Sylvie Kennedy-Bois

Rita Bareh

Genevieve Theriault

Melissa Dykeman

Nathalie Zobyan



Minutes 2020-2021

  January 20, 2021
  November 3, 2020
  October 29, 2020
  October 21, 2020
  September 20, 2020












Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Approval Request Form

Fundraising Post-Event Summary






The following are the General Functions and Powers of the Governing Board as outlined in the Education Act:

  •  Adopt & Oversee the Implementation of the School’s Educational Project

  •  Approve the School’s Success Plan

  •  Approve implementation of basic school regulations

  •  Approve implementation of Student Services & Special Education Services

  •  Approve Rules of Conduct & Safety

  •  Approve Student Supervision Plan & Extra Curricular Activities

  •  Approve Use of Premises & Contract Agreements

  •  Adopt School’s Annual Budget

  •  Respond to Board Consultation Documents





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