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About Mrs. Margaret Manson

Margaret Manson was a woman who raised five children while attaining a Master's-level education. She began her career as a high school teacher, took a leave to raise a family and then returned to teaching in elementary school. She believed that every child needed to start their schooling on the right foot and that a good elementary education was essential.

Her career included teaching positions at Valois Park and Cedar Park Elementary schools, a Vice Principal-ship at John Rennie High School, and the Principal-ship of Beaconsfield Elementary and Hudson High Schools. She continued her career as an Education Consultant until her retirement in 1988.
From 1989 until her death in 2000, Margaret Manson continued to serve the education community as an elected school board commissioner representing Pointe Claire West.

Mrs. Manson was a founding member of many community organizations including the Pointe Claire Library, the Stewart Hall Library, the Lakeshore Branch of the University Women's Club, and St. Columba-by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church. She was a quiet advocate for women's rights and a champion for those who learned differently. She is honoured by the Pearson Educational Foundation as name-sake of an award that recognizes a graduating student in each of the board's high schools and centres who has overcome a significant challenge or obstacle.

Margaret Manson spent a lifetime giving to her community to ensure a good beginning for children. It is fitting that her ideals and her beliefs will live on for generations of children.



The logo for Margaret Manson Elementary School was developed in 2003-2004, the first year the school opened. Students and staff were invited to submit their suggestions and a subcommittee was empowered with the task of selecting the most meaningful ideas to create the final product. We thank Karen Serniuk, a staff integration aide, for polishing up the ideas through her artistic talents and graphic design expertise.
Each component has a specific meaning:

The children at the center highlights our belief that “The Children Come First” at Margaret Manson School.

Three children have been drawn in recognition of the 3 main cycles in the Quebec Education Program; Cycle 1 (grades 1 and 2), Cycle 2 (grades 3 and 4) and Cycle 3 (grades 5 and 6). They are holding hands to depict their interconnectedness, and the importance of friendship and support for each other.

The children are coloured blue to represents the Peace we try to nurture in each child as part of our Peaceful Schools International projects.

The outside Blue oval depicts the "Peaceful" world we strive to build around us. Each child is encouraged to make a difference by helping others, locally and globally, through volunteering, student initiatives and fundraising projects.

The Green inside oval represents the importance of caring for our planet and our environment. The children have the mental capacity to take action and make a difference.

The book in the centre beneath the children, stands for the importance of literacy as a building block for the future, something Margaret Manson emphasized and lived throughout her life.

The words, MARGARET MANSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, appear below the children, supporting them as they learn and grow into caring, responsible, global citizens.





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