Rules and Procedures

Dress Code


Dress Code

Although Margaret Manson Elementary School does not have a school uniform, students are required to dress in a manner that reflects school as a place of learning.

  • T-shirt, shorts or jogging /sportswear pants and running shoes (that do not mark the floor) must be worn for gym, dance & health class. No jeans please!

  • While we recognize the rights of parents and children to express themselves through their clothing or hair styles, we must reserve the right to have the final say regarding the appropriateness of any clothing or hair style worn to school. While at school it is expected that students will dress neatly and modestly.

  • Students are expected to wear clean, appropriate clothing that is in good repair.

  • All clothing and accessories must be free from anything that promotes: violence/gangs, profanity, drugs, alcohol, and sex. (No inappropriate graphics or language is permitted.)

  • Shirts/Tops must cover the torso completely and meet with the accompanying skirt or pants. Shoulders should be covered and size must be appropriate (not provocatively tight or have “spaghetti straps”). Oversized t-shirts will be on loan from the office as needed.

  • Shorts and skirts need to be modest (mid-thigh or longer) Jogging pants will be on loan from the office as needed.

  • Pants are to be worn at waist level. Pants should not be provocatively tight or display inappropriate writing.

  • Shoes must be worn at ALL TIMES.

  • Two pairs of footwear are required at all times; one for indoor and one for outdoor. Indoor running shoes may also be worn to the gym. Boots become the second pair of footwear in the winter or on rainy days.

  • Kindergarten students must wear Velcro tying shoes.

  • Sandals with sturdy straps may be worn, however “flip flop type sandals are unsafe and we discourage students from wearing them in school.

  • Parents are responsible to monitor weather conditions and make sure their children are dressed appropriately for the changing weather conditions. Students are outside every day for a considerable length of time at recess, lunch and Daycare except in exceptional weather conditions (rain or extreme cold).

  • Hats, bandannas, head scarves and visors must be removed when entering the school.

  • Hair is to be kept clean and must not restrict a child’s vision or actions. Bangs should be kept short and long hair should be tied; this applies to boys as well as girls. (These measures also help to reduce the contracting and spreading of head lice).

  • Students are not to wear make-up to school.

  • While we recognize the right of students to wear clothing accessories, we urge parents and students to keep valuables at home as we cannot be responsible for their loss or theft.

  • Chains and loose jewelry must be removed for gym and dance class.

  • Heavy chains are not permitted at any time for safety reasons.

  • All clothing and personal items (jackets, snow pants, shoes, boots, gloves, lunch box, school bag…) must be labeled with your child’s name.

  • The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Students and parents are expected to check the lost and found area when items are put on display. Unclaimed items are given to the needy on a periodic basis.





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