Code of Conduct for Volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of our school. We value their contribution! The role of the volunteer is to provide help, service and/or support to the school. It brings with it certain responsibilities.


The following rules of procedure are to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all concerned:

  • All volunteers must complete Police Background check forms.

  • Volunteers are to park in Parent Parking zone NOT IN STAFF PARKING LOT.

  • Enter and Exit the building by the front door only.

  • Sign in upon entry at the front office.

  • Sign out upon departure.

  • Wear Volunteer badge.

  • Respect confidentiality: never discuss student or teacher issues with others, do not make comparisons. See Mrs. Aiken if you need to discuss an issue of concern.

  • Be sensitive to other children whose parents cannot come into the school to volunteer. Do not arrange to see your own child/ren while volunteering.

  • Make arrangements to meet your child/ren outside the front door at dismissal times.

  • Respect classes in session. Do not approach a teacher during teaching hours. Do not wander hallways or enter classroom to speak to staff about your child’s progress during school hours or bus/yard duty. Make arrangements to speak when it is mutually convenient. Make an appointment.

  • The staff room is an area of confidentiality for staff members only. Parent volunteers are to ask permission to use this room.

  • Staffroom documents are confidential and meant for staff members only. This includes the Day Book.





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