Code of Conduct

A code of conduct is designed to provide a safe learning environment for all.  It must recognize the rights of others to learn, enable teachers to instruct effectively and permit everyone to feel safe from verbal and physical abuse.

Margaret Manson School’s Code of Conduct is one aspect of our School’s Educational Project and its ongoing School Success Plan.
It has been developed in conjunction with our School Vision and our Mission Statement, in particular:

We the students, staff, parents and community will provide a safe and peaceful environment that fosters personal & academic growth.
We expect everyone who passes through our doors to come with a positive attitude, contribute to a positive learning environment and follow our code of conduct.
The following Rights & Responsibilities apply to students, teachers, all support staff and parents.


Our RIGHTS are:



  • Abide by the school Rules and Procedures

  • Communicate using appropriate language and tone of voice

  • Be courteous toward others & treat them with respect

  • Be tolerant of others

  • Show empathy

  • Show good sportsmanship

  • Respect school property and the personal property of others

  • Dress appropriately

The above behaviors are expected at all times: At school, on outings, on the bus, during lunch program, at Daycare and during after school or extra curricular activities.


Student Daily Expectations:

Upon Entry

  • Arrive on time

  • Walk safely on the sidewalk

  • Stay in school yard – play safely

  • At first bell get school bag & line up

  • At second bell be quiet & wait for teacher’s signal to proceed quietly

  • Enter building in single file; quietly, walking on the right hand side

  • Remove cap upon entry

  • Carry back pack in the school (including ones on wheels)

  • Hold handrail in stairway and stay quiet in hallway

  • Hang up clothes (labeled with your name) in cubby area

  • Change into indoor shoes (labeled with your name)

  • Place lunch box (labeled with your name) in cubby

In the Classroom and in the Gymnasium

  • Have necessary books and materials

  • Wear appropriate attire for Physical Education classes

  • Have homework completed

  • Follow class & computer rules and Be Positive about Learning

In Common Areas

  • Be quiet, walk

  • Stay on the right side

  • Wear indoor shoes at all times

  • Wear hallway or washroom pass


  • Place garbage in garbage cans

  • Wear outdoor shoes or boots depending on weather conditions

  • Wear outdoor clothing appropriate for weather conditions

  • Never throw objects at others; rocks, snowballs…

Unacceptable Behaviours

Unacceptable behaviors are those that interfere with the safety and the well-being of ALL Staff and students: they include all aspects of bullying and violent behavior.


  • When a person is a target, over time, of repeated negative actions.
  • When one person has more power, so the person being victimized feels that they cannot defend themselves.
  • When a person, who is targeted, may feel embarrassed, hurt, scared, and/or angry.
     *(See the Margaret Manson Anti-Bullying and Anti-Violence Plan for a more detailed definition)

Physical aggression
Pushing, grabbing, hitting, pinching, spitting, throwing dangerous items, tripping, etc.

Social Alienation
Gossiping, embarrassing others, spreading rumors, ethnic slurs, excluding from a group, etc.

Verbal aggression
Mocking put downs, name calling, threats, swearing at others, etc.

Pressuring someone to do something inappropriate, threatening with an object or weapon, playing a “dirty trick”, etc.

Sexual Harassment
Remarks, gestures or actions of a sexual nature.

Cyber Bullying
Using the Internet to engage in any of the above unacceptable behaviors.
Using electronic devices to take  inappropriate pictures or to send  inappropriate texts.

Disregard of Property
Vandalism, graffiti, theft, damaging or breaking objects etc.

Prohibited Items
Weapons, pocket knives, laser pointers, lighters/matches, firecrackers/caps etc.


The administration will impose consequences for behavior based on the severity and/or repetitive nature of the behavior as well as the circumstances of the situation.

The consequences may include but are not limited to:

-Verbal reminder
-Student removed from situation
-Note in agenda
-Recess or noon detention
-Written reflection/apology
-Student calls home to explain the situation
-Community service
-Administrative involvement
-Parents informed by phone, e-mail, or letter
-Paying for damage incurred
-Loss of privileges such as extracurricular activities, school outings, etc.
-Out of school suspension
-Police involvement

Classroom Rules:

Teachers will establish their own individual classroom rules, procedures, rewards and consequences in line with the Margaret Manson Code of Conduct and the Safe and Caring School Policy. 





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